School Introduction

Yamagata Prefectural Sakata Higashi High School is a prestigious school located in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. As a traditional college-preparatory institution, it annually produces numerous successful candidates for national public universities and prestigious private universities.

Founding and History

Since its establishment in 1920 (9th year of Taisho era), the school has fostered many talented individuals who have excelled nationally and internationally as key figures in the Shounai region of Yamagata Prefecture. Alongside its traditional general curriculum, a research-focused curriculum was introduced in 2018 (Heisei 30). Throughout its long history, the school has gained acclaim as a place where students grow and deepen their understanding, while striking a balance between time-honored tradition and cathing edge innovation.

Educational Objectives

知 (Knowledge):
The ability to learn proactively from a global perspective and to think deeply.
情 (Emotion):
A heart filled with compassion, gratitude, and the ability to contribute to the development of culture.
意 (Will):
An unwavering determination to achieve high goals.
力 (Strength):
Mental and physical vigor as well as a cheerful and open-minded attitude.

Educational Programs

In addition to comprehensive classes aimed at university admissions, the school offers unique subjects such as 'Liberal Arts,' 'Data Science,' and 'Science and Mathematics,' engaging all students in inquiry-based learning. Collaborative classes and research projects with corporations, local governments, and universities are actively pursued. Emphasis is placed on enhancing language skills and presentation abilities through events like English-based research presentation sessions.

International Exchange

The school actively engages in international exchange programs, providing opportunities for students to learn about and have an exchange with different cultures and perspectives with overseas high school students and research institutions. This exposure broadens students' global perspectives, equipping them with the skills to thrive in a global society.

Guided by the spirit of 'Love and Benevolence,' the school aims to nurture individuals who carry a deep understanding of a knowledge-based society, become leaders, respect themselves and others, possess resilient minds to navigate challenges, sustain a proactive approach to learning, and develop high intellectual capacity to confront 'difficult to solve problems.' This aims to foster individuals who can 'self-navigate' towards goals like university admissions.

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